Rhiannon’s Gift of Sensuality

Hello beautiful Soul,

do you sometimes stop when you’re out in nature, close your eyes and feel the wind on your face? How it caresses your skin? Plays with your hair?

Beltane The Blossoming A4 Size Print by Julie Collet

I love this painting by Julie Collet of Rhiannon – Beltane The Blossoming… It vibrates with energy, life power and sensuality, don’t you think?

You are embodied sensuality. As human beings we often focus only on our eyes and ears, when we are really able to take in where we are and what is going on with all our senses – and feel one with the elements and the natural world. How rich is our experience of life when we embrace all the sensual sensations of our marvellous bodies!

At Goddess Temple Gifts we are very enthusiastic about supporting people to reclaim their sensual nature and explore their oneness with Goddess. We are at the height of the early summer Beltane season. Rhiannon, the Lover Goddess, is kissing our senses awake with birdsong in the mornings, the colours and scent of the first roses and the taste of elderflower juice. In my understanding, my sensual aliveness really comes from the Goddess’ presence in my body.

“All acts of love and pleasure are my ritual”,

She speaks, but for so long there has been a huge shaming of women’s sensuality and sexuality in our society. Goddess really frees us from this patriarchal concept. We are alive now, to live empowered lives in gratitude and connection on this beautiful planet – not some time in the future, but right now! As women we are free to enjoy our sensual nature, as men we are free to love our sensual partners. Have you ever called Rhiannon’s presence in and anointed your Beloved with honouring, worshipping touch? Have you ever been consciously honoured like this? If you’re without a partner, then give yourself an honouring massage with loving hands. This link will take you to our website, where we have some some beautiful anointment oils to choose from. Really practice dedicating time and attention to your sensual self. It is so much fun to explore and find the things that please your senses! Personally, I like to share some strawberries and some dark chocolate with my Beloved, and of course we choose music that delights our ears. This does not have to lead into love-making, but if it does, then this is wonderful.

Colours, shape, scent and heat caressing our senses as we walk in the realm of Rhiannon at Beltane

Rhiannon rides the White Mare into freedom. She brings sensuality and sexuality, unrestricted by convention. I can just feel that freedom when I walk the land of Avalon. Now in late May it can get really hot and the sun has warmed up the Earth. It is exhilarating to feel the warm soil, the physical body of the Goddess, under my naked feet. Walking up the Tor or Wearyall Hill in the heat we are really walking through the erotic realm of the Lover Goddess. Breathing in the musk scent of hawthorn, feeling the sweat run along my body, finding a spot to lie down on the Earth and let sunshine and wind caress my skin… spending some time present with the sexual energy in my body and offering it to the land in connection and in gratitude… walking back home inspired and energised. For me as a priestess of Avalon, I love practicing on the land, and this is one of my favourite personal practices to connect with the Lover Goddess. Kathy Jones has published a wonderful book called In the Nature of Avalon which describes many

Exploring Avalon in the land

beautiful pilgrimages, walks with sacred intent, you can take in the land of Avalon. If you’re not yet very familiar with the land, this will not only give you directions on where sacred places in the landscape are, but also suggest prayers, mantras, vsualisations and little ceremoniesto do there to really journey deep. Click here to buy it directly from our website. But you don’t have to be in Avalon to walk in the erotic realm of Rhiannon, you can do this wherever you are. With the fantastic weather at the moment, why not take some time this bank holiday weekend to dedicate to a sensual walk in the Lady’s landscape?

Wishing you joy exploring and reclaiming more of sensual nature and Rhiannon’s presence in your life.

With blessings from Avalon,


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