The Wheel of Odin by Willows Drum


The Wheel of Odin by Willows Drum takes you on a musical journey through the wheel of the year.

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The Wheel of Odin by Willows Drum

Willows Drum are a male and female musical duo.  Singer/songwriters Lyz Le Fay, Sister of Avalon, and Mark Barnard have joined together to bring you an eclectic mix of original and traditional folk music. They play at many festival and pagan events throughout the year and following upon the success of Tales From The Oak Wood, they have now released their second album, The Wheel of Odin.

Lyz and Mark play an array of instruments including, guitar, mandolin, percussion and more.

Their voices work well together, giving the rough with the smooth.

The Wheel of Odin is based around the Wiccan wheel of the year.  Willows Drum have written and recorded songs around the wheel. Also you will find the odd traditional folk song amongst them, put together in Willows Drums own unique way.

This album includes the following tracks :


The Wheel of Odin

Alison Cross


Cold Haily Windy Night

Mr Blackbird

Beltane Chase Song

He Moved Through the Fair

Song of Amergin

Litha Moon

John Barleycorn

The Feast of Mabon

Quiet Joys of Brotherhood


Lyz Le Fay and Mark Barnard are also member of the fantastic pagan band, Morrigan’s Path.

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