The Way of the Sea Priestess


A book to really dive into; explore the deep mysteries of the Priestess of the Sea!

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The Way of the Sea Priestess by Louise Tarrier,  an inner path, immerses you into a world of ancient priestesses and long lost spiritual practices. You will discover the ancient rites of the Atlantean Sea Priestesses and their wisdom and healing.

Journeying with the moon as it waxes and wanes in the night sky, you will reflect and meditate on the connection between your inner and outer world.

Learn about the Goddesses associated with water and invoke them into your life for their blessings and guidance. Listen to the call of the ocean as the tide ebbs and flows.

Attune to the natural world and understand how your are an intrinsic part of it through meditation and practical exercises. This book reveals the deep secrets of the sea, so you may truly know your inner nature and become the Sea Priestess, who is within us all.

Louise Tarrier has always lived close to the sea both in the UK and Australia, which she also calls home. Her love of the Goddess and women’s spirituality has been something that has anchored her life over many years. Louise now runs her own holistic practice where she specialises in women’s health and spirituality, offering workshops and healing practices based upon the teachings within this book.

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