The Legacy of a Wise Woman



The Legacy of a Wise Woman is a pearl of wisdom with pointers how to remember how to be a genuine woman.

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The Legacy of a Wise Woman by Carmen Paz has the following recommendation from Michelle Patten.

‘I treasure this book ! It reflects Carmen’s grounded, patient and life affirming wisdom. It reminds me of the joyful knowledge and power I hold as a woman and often a single page is sufficient to clear the fog from my soul’s windows and allow me to see clearly again.

I dip into my copy, as I would use oracle cards and it has given me comfort and inspiration on many occasions.  Thank you Carmen.’

For centuries our Female Lineage has been forgotten and hidden under the influence of patriarchy.  For a long time women have adapted to the male way of doing things. Now, in the time that Goddess awakes in our hearts, we women are preparing to uncover the mystery of the feminine and remember. In this book Carmen gives you ways to explore the challenges that women face on this road of remembering.

The Legacy of a Wise Woman is Full of words that can inspire you to find a better way to open your heart to the Goddess, a Sacred Feminine, the Creative Source. This  practical and inspirational book by Carmen Paz is a must have for your collection of women’s books.



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