She Who Knows Magazine – Spring 2018


We weave the threads of women’s voices from the rich tapestry and ever expanding, inspirational pool of women’s wisdom that is speaking out across our Globe – She Who Knows


In this Spring 2018 edition we delve into the subject of taking care of the body through what and how we eat and by exploring our new well-being coach Donna Moon’s five simple steps to a vibrant life. We have information and recipes for delicious, nourishing and healthful foods, and Elizabeth Crawford talks us through the process of wild herb fermentation and the relevance of adaptogens in our diets. Sarah Lambourne reminds us of the importance of connecting to the feminine through¬† wild plant tea ceremonies.

And of course, our good health relies upon that of our Mother, Earth: Moira Lake reconnects us to our beautiful and animate planet as heart-centred, conscious and knowing beings; Daisy Martinez and Anna Finlayson bring questions of air and soil pollution to the table and Steph Bradley walks the Warrior’s Way, a journey of both land and heart.

Shelley M. White assists us in enriching our lives through re-connecting to the ancient ways of heart-based living, so that we may inhabit the world with a sense of magic, beauty, wonder and awe. Our featured artist, Emma Capper, takes us through her practice of creative journeying, encouraging a letting go of logic and embracing spontaneity, intuition and imagination.

A beautiful way to welcome the returning of the light, the spring Equinox and the turning of the wheel of time.



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