Nine Morgens Oracle Deck by Marion Brigantia van Eupen


This oracle set gives you the opportunity to connect with the wisdom of the Nine Morgens

by Marion Brigantia van Eupen


Nine Morgens Oracle Deck by Marion Brigantia van Eupen

The Morgens are the Nine Sisters who live behind the veils on the Isle of Avalon of which Morgen La Fey is the most famous, known as sister of the legendary King Arthur.  They inspire those who feel the longing to connect deeper to the mysteries of Avalon! Each Morgen of Avalon is associated with a Goddess  on the Wheel of the Year.

Based on poetry by priestesses of Avalon, with original art and oracle wisdom by Priestess of Avalon, Marion Brigantia van Eupen

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Weight 80.00 g
Dimensions 16.00 × 13.00 × 1.50 cm


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