La Que Sabe (She who knows) – CD by Julie Felix


Magnificent CD by Goddess loving singer/song writer Julie Felix.

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La Que Sabe (she who knows) by Julie Felix

This CD from Julie Felix provides a riches on Goddess songs, many known from being performed by her during several Goddess Conferences. With art work from Freddy Miller.

This CD includes the following :

She Reminds Me of Who I Am
The Burning Times
How Can Anyone Ever Tell You
Freedom is a Woman
La Que Sabe
Fire Water Earth and Air
May the Presence of The Goddess
Standing Here
Healing Hands

The Ballad of Kathryn Rodehaver
Branches in the Mist
Alice Martin
La Mer La Mar The Sea
We Wish You Love
The Witch Song
You Can’t Kill The Spirit
Proud Mary
The Holy Grail

It was through tuning into the sacredness of the land, and discovering the stories and myths of ancient cultures, that Julie became a follower of the Goddess. “The Goddess allows me to be both political and spiritual … (philosophically and musically). I feel we need to welcome the divine feminine into our lives and into our hearts … Patriarchy has led to wars, killing, and the rape of mother earth. Both men and women need to feel the love of the feminine side of God.”

Julie sings every year at The Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, which was started seventeen years ago and is now an annual event. Attended by women and men from all over the globe, it celebrates the mysteries of the Great Mother.


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