Goddess Nature Aura Spray Banbha


Goddess Nature Space & Aura Sprays are created with tree and flower essences & essential Oils blended with waters from the Chalice Well and White Spring at Glastonbury.

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Goddess Nature Aura Spray Banbha “Connect to the Earth, Feel Grounded”

Goddess Nature Aura Spray Banbha  is created with essence of Horse Chestnut to help you to feel grounded, secure and connected, aware of Her beating heart deep within the Earth beneath your feet as you find sacred land to walk upon, Blackberry to focus your attention upon bringing manifestation to your thoughts and ideas, fruition to your creativity, and Beech to deeply feel the strength of your devotion to Her and your dedication to loving and protecting our beautiful planet.

Horse Chestnut essence has the ability to deepen the experience of any ritual, it is a tree of grounding and strong stability, the tree first arrived in Britain after the Ice Age.  As the ice sheets melted, the trees found themselves stuck in a remote valley in Eastern Europe, while many tree seeds are carried on the wind or by birds, the large conkers could not distribute, it took them another ten thousand years to cross the mountain ridge.  The Blackberry is seen as  part of the “second harvest” at Mabon, coming to its fruition, ripe and ready to eat, used in magical spells to attract material wealth.  Its flower has five petals and is associated with the Goddess,  the fruit which appears green at first, then red and finally black represent cycle of Maiden, Mother Crone.  Some say that if you create a Beech tree wand, it can be used to strengthen communication with the Goddess, Beech is said to aid learning and accumulation of knowledge, and deepens ones connection and dedication to the Earth.

100ml in a brown glass atomiser bottle, hand filled and labelled with love.

Ingredients : Glastonbury Spring Water, Flower Essences preserved in organic alcohol, fractionated coconut oil, Essential oils.

Avoid using essential oils during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.  Keep out of the reach of children, do not spray directly into eyes.  Store your spray out of direct sunlight and it will last for 2 years.

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