Goddess Nature Aura Spray Artha


Goddess Nature Space & Aura Sprays are created with tree and flower essences& essential Oils blended with waters from the Chalice Well and White Spring at Glastonbury.

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Goddess Nature Aura Spray Artha

“Surround Yourself With The Energy of Spring”

Goddess Nature Aura Spray Artha is created with essence of daffodil, clover leaf and hazel bud  to bring Spring into your creativity, as your ideas & projects burst into life, supporting you through your journey of self- discovery as you release old patterns of conditioning and limiting beliefs so you may reclaim your power & allow your light to shine as the Mother of Fire inspires your passion for initiative.

Daffodil brings the spring alive with its glorious yellow, its essence inspires us with energy and the colour of Spring.  Golden yellow is the colour of thought and intellect, it supports our imaginative & creative processes.  Clover leaf, is a symbol of the Sun, and said to be protective to travellers.  It creates a soft carpet for us to walk upon, as we journey to the centre of ourselves, finding a deepening sense of self and purpose, as we find balance.    Hazel, sacred to the time of “The Greening”  has been made to create wands of power since ancient times.  The bright green budding Hazel reminds us of our inner fire, as we find our empowerment and take control of our own destiny, leaving passivity behind.

100ml in a green glass atomiser bottle, hand filled and labelled with love.

Ingredients : Glastonbury Spring Water, Flower Essences preserved in organic alcohol, fractionated coconut oil, Essential oils.

Avoid using essential oils during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding.  Keep out of the reach of children, do not spray directly into eyes.  Store your spray out of direct sunlight and it will last for 2 years.

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Weight 320 g
Dimensions 2 × 10 × 10 cm


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