Call to Avalon by Morrigans Path


Call to Avalon from Morrigans Heart.  Hear Her calling…

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Call to Avalon by Morrigans Path

A Call to Avalon by pagan folk band, Morrigans Path includes the tracks, Earth Chant, Beltane Heart, Morrigans Prayer and, of course, the fabulous title track “Call to Avalon”.

The band took its name from one of the most powerful Celtic deities, The Morrigan.  Their music is powerful and inspiring.  As it says on their website: “Morrigans Path are a band of Essex minstrels casting their own musical spell – Morrigans style. It’s a fusion of eclectic sounds, a fluctuation of energies rooted in the souls of their creators, deep down and earthy.”

The main songwriter and lead vocalist is multi-talented Sheena Cundy. The other band members are Ian Cundy, Jim Olley, as well as Sister of Avalon Lyz Le Fay and Mark Barnard who together also form the duo Willows Drum.



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