November’s Super Moon and Her Transformation

november's super moon


This November’s Super Moon falls on Monday the 14th.

This is an incredibly special ‘Super Moon’ as we shall not see our beautiful Moon this bright and close for another 18 years.

Astrologically, there has been much activity in the more ‘watery’ planets leading up to this Moon.  Many may feel that they have travelled very deeply into the emotional turmoil of Cerridwen’s cauldron this year.  It is Her time of transformation and rebirth.  We become aware that everything in our lives is always subject to change, Cerridwen’s sickle Moon cuts the ties that bind us.  As this Moon has waxed to fullness this month deep emotions have been stirred.  Deep feelings, old wounds to be healed, some that we cannot event name.

These feelings are rising to the surface now to be healed, we reflect the body of the Great Mother, as she encourages us to rise in Her name.  We need to allow this, however painful it may be at times.  Our need for self-healing is vital now more than ever, as we move forward with our work of returning the awareness of Goddess.  It is our work to begin the great healing that needs to take place, and that begins with ourselves.

Many of us may have been experiencing feelings of insecurity, or low self-esteem, as well as questioning who we really are and how we are seen, this Full Moon will expose those feelings in order to bring the healing that we need.

Thoughts such as ‘Am I reaching my full potential’ or ‘what do I really want to do with my life’ and ‘what stands in my way of achieving these things’ may be coming up to be heard. This is the time where we can ask and receive illumination.

We can call to Domnu, whom we honour at Her time of Summer Solstice, as She can help with these emotional outpourings that we need.  She who is the Lady of the great oceans, whose tides ebb and flow in rhythm with the waxing and waning of the Moon.  Nolava of Water shows us Her face as she reflects the Full Moon upon Her waters.

This Supermoon falls within the sign of Taurus, whose energy brings us manifestation of our most creative desires, awakening our fullest potential to realise our dreams and wishes. The month leading up to this Full Moon may have been highly emotional, however the Taurus energy will bring us a calming and more grounding effect.

This Moon will bring clarity and focus to what we really want.  The uncertainty and difficulties that we have faced in the time leading up to this event can be seen as a “filtering” process.  What do we really want?  Before we can harness the creative power of manifestation we need to know what it is we really desire.

Once decisions have been made there is always a sense of relief, in the days that follow, leading up to the stillness of the Winter Solstice, we shall indeed be able to find the clarity that we seek.  The process of releasing old stagnant emotions, negative patterns and mainly indecision, bring focus, clear bright clarity.

Enjoy this November’s Super Moon, bathe in the silvery light at this sacred time of change for our Mother Earth. Allow Her energies to continue to transform you, with the knowledge that this is the culmination of so much deep emotion which can now be released.  Speak with Goddess, about what it is you really wish to achieve and become as bright as you can be, as you see the fullness of Her love shining light upon the darkness.

Blessed Be x





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