Mother of Water, Domnu, Lady of the Lake by Kathy Jones

Mother of Water,  Domnu,  Lady of the Lake 


Mother of Water, Domnu, Lady of the Lake 


The Mother of Water in the South is Domnu. She is Ocean Woman, Queen of the Deep, Mother of the Sea Waters which evaporate into the air forming clouds that ride the winds. Sweeping in across the coasts of Brigit’s Isles rain pours from the clouds back onto the earth, seeping deep into the land from which it slowly rises as springs, or flows over the land as rivers which return once again to Her great Ocean.

Domnu’s festival in Brigit’s Isles comes at the Summer Solstice when the Sun climbs to its zenith in the sky, when all of nature is open to life and Her energy pours out to us. In Brigit’s Isles we travel south to sit in the sunshine and to bathe in Her Ocean waves. Her colour is Blue, the ever changing colours of the sky reflected in water, the colour of clean rivers, lakes and oceans.

She is the Full Moon, a silver globe shining in the night-time sky, drawing us towards Her, filling us with lunacy. All of nature swells with energy, flowers blossom in profusion, trees spread their branches and animals give birth and feed their young from Her bounty. Her companions live in Her waters – Whale, Seal, Dolphin and Salmon of Wisdom and all the creatures that live in the sea.

Domnu is Goddess of the Ocean of Emotion. She can be moist, soft, warm and receptive or cold, dangerous and overwhelming. We swim in Her waters with care and respect. Her talisman are the Sea Shell and the Chalice of  emotional wisdom. She encourages us to express ourselves, to be who we truly are.  She calls us to mystical surrender within the Oceans of Her nature.

Kathy Jones, Solstice 2017.

At Beltane 2017 Kathy Jones updated and reprinted her book, The Ancient British Goddess, Her Myths, legends, sacred Sites and Present Revelation. “This book is a good introduction to Goddess in Brigit’s Isle and how we can find out who She is through becoming aware of the ways in which She expresses Herself through the Seasons of Her nature.”  

The updated reprinted edition of this much loved book will be available to buy soon at Goddess Temple Gifts and on Kathy’s website.  Join our mailing list and we can let you know as soon as this edition is available to buy both in the shop and on-line.  Solstice Blessings!


Mother of Water, Domnu, Lady of the Lake 


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