Goddess Temple Gifts The Place For All Things Goddess!

Goddess Temple Gifts the place for all things Goddess

Goddess Temple Gifts is a unique gift shop located in The Courtyard of the Glastonbury Experience in Glastonbury Somerset, opened at Beltane 2013.

Opposite Glastonbury Goddess Temple, the shop supports the work of the Temple, and is also an integral part of the not only the Goddess loving community here in Glastonbury, but also of each individual’s visit to the Temple.  Glastonbury Goddess Temple is a recognised place of religious worship, and as such is the first Goddess Temple of its kind in the United Kingdom for over 1500 years.

When visitors discover the Temple and spend time connecting withGoddess Temple Gifts the place for all things Goddess Goddess, feeling the touch of the Great Mother’s love often for the first time, they often come down the steps from the Temple and find themselves drawn into Goddess Temple Gifts.

Here they find more love and connection from the staff who run the shop, as well as inspiration from the incredible array of Goddess inspired artwork, ceramics, music, books, jewellery, clothing and so much more.  For those beginning their journey of discovery with Goddess spirituality, the shop is an invaluable resource, and also a link of connection.

There is also the vibrant Goddess Temple Gifts website, a place to visit and continue the experience from afar, with many new publications about Goddess spirituality, new prints of beautiful and unique artwork being added on a weekly basis.

One of Goddess Temple Gift’s original aims was to bring the absolute joy of creativity inspired by Goddess to as many people as possible, and this aim is now being fulfilled on a daily basis.  The shop also supports the independent artists, authors and visionaries who are the trail blazers, those who are leading the way to bring Goddess back into the hearts and minds of all.

The shift towards the reclaiming of the soft power of the divine feminine can now be felt all across the world.  Temples devoted to Goddess, honouring our beautiful Mother Earth are springing up in so many places.  People are beginning to rise up to be seen and heard, the desire to bring about a shift in awareness so that we may create a world of peace, love and harmony.  A MotherWorld  a world in which each and every one of us are loved and protected, nurtured and safe.


Goddess Temple Gifts the place for all things Goddess


Goddess Temple Gifts may be seen at first sight as just a small gift shop, in small British town, but it is so much more than that!  For many of us, that first book about reclaiming our power, that first stirring piece of music that reminds us of something we cannot find the words to describe, or that first painting of a woman showing her fullness, her nurturing love that touches something deep inside is our first awakening to returning to Goddess and Her love.

We welcome you to visit Goddess Temple Gifts the place for all things Goddess in Glastonbury, to spend time enjoying the beauty and the love of the Temple.  We also welcome you to visit our website, also a place where you can find that colour and inspiration!

Blessings to us all at this time of great change in our world, as we continue feeling and giving love to one another, loving our Mother Earth and all She offers us.



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