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Hello Beautiful,

how would you feel if I told you your moon time was a sacred time when you’re much closer to the Goddess than at other times in your cycle? Slightly weirded out? Or would you say, blessed be to this, sister! If you’re a man reading this, how does this make you feel? Is this completely irrelevant to

This painting of Rhiannon by Joanne Foucher radiates with raw power, doesn’t it?

you, or are you curious to find out more of how it is for women to bleed?  Why not ask the women in your life to share their experience with you? If you feel awquard about this, regardless of your gender, please, please, please keep reading – and simply be curious! In the Goddess Temple community we talk about moon cycles and menstruation with passion, dignity and usually a lot of laughter – they are a completely normal natural thing and the time of period shaming is over.


Rhiannon, the great Lover Goddess in Avalon, is present in our bodies. As a woman I feel Her presence not only when I feel well and beautiful, but also when I bleed and things get messy! Our lives today are mostly not set up in a way where we live in sync with our cycle, and many women are looking for ways to control their periods and the way they affect them. I would really like to encourage you to find a way to live your life embracing your cycle as it is, rather than trying to make it fit into your life. Women are cyclic beings living in a world that is largely linear, but if we pay attention to how our energy changes through the roughly four weeks of our cycle, we can access this amazing gift of energy, creativity, spiritual insights and connection to the Lady. In Goddess Temple Gifts, we are very enthusiastic about supporting women who remember

Sacred Womb sound journey cd by sally pullinger

Sally Pullinger’s stunning Sacred Womb Journey CD

the power of their moon blood and who want to reclaim their moon time as sacred. We have many fantastic books full of wisdom and inspiration. If you can, please come into the shop so we can show you a few or click here to get directly to our website. Particularly have a look at the wonderful books by Lucy H. Pearce, Miranda Gray and Lisa Lister. Lisa writes:



When you work with your menstrual cycle and unlock this wisdom and the medicine that is within it, you are setting out on a sacred journey deep into yourself, one that ladykind has been travelling since the beginning of time.

The most important bit I think is giving yourself the space for what it is you need during the different phases of your cycle. Start charting your cycle to get really familiar with every phase. It will change your life, especially if you suffer from painful moons. You can transform a stressful time to your personal wellness time, with rest, a soft blanket, a nice herbal tea and some really nurturing music. Sally Pullinger’s Womb Sound Journey CD opens a beautiful safe and sacred sound container to explore your own journey into and with your own womb (click here to buy it directly from our website)  It’s a wonderful, empowering thing to do for yourself! Find a way to mark the sanctity of your moon time. Here is my little ritual, that I do whenever I notice that my moon has come, no matter where I am. I immediately say this prayer to remind myself of what my moon blood actually means:

november's super moon

The glorious, glorious moon!

I am an aspect of the Goddess, I am a part of the divine

I am She and She is I, And together we are one.

And then I go and have some really good dark chocolate, to celebrate myself and honour the awesome divine power of creation that sits in my body. And yes, I do this every month. Why not create your own ritual – it’s fun! Moon cycles are a part of every woman’s life for several decades. We should own them and not suffer from them. From my heart I wish you so much joy exploring and reclaiming your own moon.

With love and blessings from Avalon,


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