She Who Knows Magazine Summer 2017


FULL with a RICH SELECTION OF WRITINGS by women for women.


She Who Knows Magazine Summer 2017

‘One of the themes in our Summer 2017 edition is our Great Mother Ocean – the gifts she gives us and what we can do to help reduce the pollution that is choking her in many parts of the world. Our featured artist, Tess Felix, shares her story on how she came to transform plastic ocean debris into stunning works of art. Another theme is Sacred Activism and how what is opening within us can manifest change in the outer world and we look at an example of this with women who are working with the homeless in the North of England. We hear about the women involved in the UK’s inspirational ecological, arts-based Seed Festival who are working collaboratively to co-create a loving world that flourishes with nature. We have all our usual content on female cycles, including an introduction to making beautiful Moontime mandalas; nature’s gifts of foods, nutrition, herbs and nourishment, with a new page on zero waste natural body care; stories, poetry and celebrated women. We look at uniting the genders with the new concept of Humanarchy and how to open to prayer in order to receive ‘that which is seeking us.”


The editors of ‘She Who Knows’ we are weaving the threads of our voices and the strands of sisterhood together, strengthening our web in the creation of a just new world.

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