She Who Knows Magazine Spring 2017


FULL with a RICH SELECTION OF WRITINGS by women for women.


She Who Knows magazine Spring 2017


This edition is, as ever, full with inspiring, life-enhancing and pertinent content. In these tumultuous times when so much is uncertain, Spring is a great time of year to focus our intentions and re-dedicate ourselves to the change we want to see in the world, within and without. This season’s articles include information on re-dedicating our energies, nature-based feminine leadership, the collective vibration of the paradigm shift experienced at Standing Rock and in recent marches in London, the US and the West Bank of the Jordan river in the Middle East, as well as women’s role on the world stage of nuclear decision making. We talk about Menarche and ways of healing any negative experiences from our Maiden years as well as how to restore the womb to her mysterious, creative, sacred and gift-giving, original beauty.

We have all our usual features including the beauty and bounty of the Earth found in the pages of wild woman wisdom, delicious, nutritious, seasonal food, growing our gardens, celebrating women, Our Stories, Womb Whisperings and beautiful poetry and song.

Our featured artist this season is Linda Wolf who has been dedicated to women’s empowerment for much of her life and whose project, I Am A Full Woman, spans the globe in a photo-documentary which celebrates the diversity and value of women as whole beings.

The editors of ‘She Who Knows’ we are weaving the threads of our voices and the strands of sisterhood together, strengthening our web in the creation of a just new world.




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